When crisis strikes, the Forward Steps family is there to help our scholars navigate new environments and realities. For the foster youth participating in the Forward Steps program the COVID-19 crisis has, virtually overnight, transformed their lives.

As the nation and the world grapple with a new reality, our scholars are leaning on Forward Steps’ mentors and coaches to help meet their practical and emotional needs. They need us today and will need us even more in the months ahead.

Forward Steps’ professionals and leadership understand the responsibility we have to help our students realize their dreams.

Today, Forward Steps is preparing to help scholars with:

  • Emergency assistance funding for groceries, rent, utilities
  • Summer school scholarships
  • Virtual group sessions and workshops to ease isolation resulting from social distancing
  • COVID-19 specific webinar series:
    • Online school: How to Successfully Work from Home
    • Self-Care: How to Maintain a Balanced Life While Social Distancing
    • Prioritizing Mental Health: Connecting with Mental Health Providers
  • Disseminating additional resources:
    • School-based resources and updates (e.g. online tutoring center, emergency relief fund, etc.)
    • Community-based resources (e.g. food banks, rental assistance, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, etc.)

What is Forward Steps doing to help students stay on track?

  • Delivering extra hours of individualized mentoring sessions via video calls, text messages and e-mail.
  • Providing private tutoring sessions to ensure scholars don’t fall behind.
  • Hosting virtual group workshops on self-care, transitioning to virtual learning and promoting a sense of community through virtual game nights.
  • Connecting scholars with virtual mental health counselors.
  • Coaching on coping with uncertainty and the changing environment.
What does Lonni miss the most? Watch Lonni's message to our community.


“Forwards Steps has been a primary support during this COVID -19 crisis. Forwards Steps offered extra support by weekly check-ins and even webinars on how to manage self-care and mental health during this time.”

Angie W., Forward Steps Scholar
Major: Business Administration
Metropolitan State University of Denver

“During these times of global crisis, Forward Steps has been a continuous support system for me.”

Lonni W., Forward Steps Scholar
Major: Social Work
Metropolitan State University of Denver

“I’m honestly thankful to Forward Steps for providing me all I need during this frustrating moment. Forward Steps’ Susi (program manager and scholar mentor) she’s the person who encourages me to accept this situation and try to do new things.”

Rachel K., Forward Steps Scholar
Major: Nursing
School: Community College of Denver


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