Forward Steps and our scholars need YOUR help.

Whether it’s making a donation, hosting an event or teaching a workshop, it ALL helps!


Plan an event! We welcome and will support you in creating a meaningful event.

When you organize a fundraiser in support of Forward Steps, you are making a tremendous impact in the lives of the youth we support through our program. The support of your family, friends, and colleagues means that Forward Steps can continue supporting the dream of college for Colorado’s foster youth.

Organize a team and bike, run, walk, golf in support of our mission.

Set a goal and ask friend and family to support you while telling them about why you think Forward Steps and our scholars are important.

Help us provide more scholarships with a donation.

Teach a workshop for our students and pass your wisdom on!

In Your Workplace

Host a tour of your company for our scholars.

Talk with us about an internship opportunity.

Include us in your company’s matching gifts program.

Spread The Word

Tell friends, family and colleagues about the challenges and opportunities faced by foster youth when they “age out” of the system.

Like Forward Steps on Facebook and share news about the scholarship and events.

Ready To Get Involved? Questions?

Contact Us:

outreach@forwardsteps.org or 303.404.9966


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