Our Mission

By investing in their lives, Forward Steps empowers current and former foster youth so they can reach their full potential as independent, healthy and contributing members of their communities.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” — Benjamin Franklin


Forward Steps fills an important gap that helps ensure collegiate success by combining financial assistance, mentorship, life-skills training and individualized support to current and former foster youth attending college.

We are the only Colorado-based organization that focuses solely on foster youth by providing them with the financial and emotional tools to complete their college education.

We are here to provide the support necessary to ensure that youth complete their degrees. A college education empowers each one of our scholars with the opportunity to choose their own path, build the lives they dream of, and become independent members of their communities.



Forward Steps believes in every foster youth’s potential to shatter the statistics and achieve their dreams.

The availability of the comprehensive services offered by Forward Steps increases the likelihood that students enroll and stay in college by removing financial and emotional obstacles.


Forward Steps believes that investing in the success of our scholars is an investment in everyone’s future.

The Forward Steps scholarship is structured to provide each scholar with a consistent and reliable source of guidance, support and stability throughout their college experience.


Forward Steps knows that a college education opens up a world of possibilities without limits.

For foster youth, earning a college degree is an essential step toward independence. With an education, Forward Steps scholars can become the teachers, doctors, accountants, web developers and scientists of tomorrow.


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